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Providing the essential support your puppy needs to get the best start in life

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Are you planning to buy or adopt a new puppy? Have you just brought your fur baby home, but work commitments mean you can’t be there as much as they need? Our Puppy Care service can help!

Having a new puppy is such an exciting time – all the playing and the cuddles, who doesn’t love it?! However, it’s easy to forget how much time and effort a puppy requires on a daily basis. Between work and home, it can be exhausting! It’s recommended that a puppy is left alone as little as possible for the first few months of their lives. Separation anxiety can cause behavioural problems and the longer it continues, the harder it is to reverse. Our Puppy Care service covers all their needs whilst you are at work, including feeding, watering and toilet training as well as helping minimise their risk of anxiety and increasing their human socialisation skills.

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Especially important for potty training, promoting good eating habits, encouraging confidence and overall good behaviour.
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Interactive Play

Important for physical and mental development. We encourage pups to run, twist and jump, promoting muscle strength, agility.
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A Clean Home

Accidents happen! Luckily our clean up kits mean you will never have to come home to a stinky, soggy carpet again.
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Trust & Experience

We have owned and cared for many pups over the years, so we know exactly what it takes to get your new fur baby ready for the big world outside!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Before your dog has had its jabs, our puppy care service can keep them mentally stimulated at home by playing games, such as tug of war and fetch.

Another way we keep them entertained before they are allowed outside is to introduce them to simple commands, such as sit and stay.

Provided you are happy for us to take your pup into the garden, your garden is safely secured and can’t be accessed by other dogs, we will happily take your puppy into the garden.

Introducing your puppy to a safe and controlled outside environment actually helps them build up confidence as they experience their new surroundings.

Allowing your puppy to access the garden is also a great way to start toilet training!

First thing in the morning; last thing at night; after playing; after waking from a nap; after chewing a toy; after eating; after drinking. Puppy need to ‘go’, a lot.

While we can’t be there 24 hours a day, we can certainly help reinforce good potty habits when we are.

Whether you choose to use training pads, garden visits, or diet control, we can tailor our puppy care visits to your needs. We can also provide you with potty updates after each visit so you can get a good idea of your dogs natural schedule, because consistency is key.

It can and will happen.

Until we teach them otherwise, puppies don’t know any better, and unless cleaned up properly, it may encourage your pup to potty in the same spot again. Just because you can’t see or smell the mess any longer, doesn’t mean your dog can’t!

Luckily, our puppy care sitters are armed with all the gloves, rags, enzymatic cleaners and deodorisers needed to ensure you come home to a fresh, clean floor.

Your puppy can only be taken out for walks two weeks after their second vaccination and only if your vet has given you the go-ahead.

Before this time your pup is susceptible to picking up infectious diseases and dangerous viruses, such as parvovirus and canine distemper. 

Before they have received all of their vaccinations, we can carry your puppy around in public places to meet new people and see different environments. This will expose them various new sights and sounds, helping them to become well adjusted adult dogs.

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