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Small Animal Care

Personalised small animal care tailored to your pets needs

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Whether you’re going away on a week's holiday or for just a few hours to a business conference, our small animal care service has you covered! We can take care of your furies, scalies or crawlies. Go enjoy yourself, worry free!

Our small animal care service provides complete care for your pets, so you can rest assured that your furies, scalies, or crawlies are in safe hands. We offer personalised quotes for small pet care and cater to your pet’s every need, including feeding, watering, interaction, and cage/tank cleaning, as often as you require. Looking after your pets in their own home is the kindest form of care. As much as you might trust friends or family to help – for complete peace of mind, it’s best to place your trust in a professional pet carer. Our small animal care service allows you to go away happy in the knowledge that your pets will be well looked after!

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We'll make sure your pet's environment is thoroughly cleaned with fresh bedding left after every visit
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Most small pets keep themselves nice and clean, but we'll happily give your pet a brush & tidy up if they need it
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Whatever your pet's nutritional, cleaning or sleep routine, we'll care for them them exactly the way you ask us to
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We'll give playful pets lots of fuss and cuddles! or if they're nervous we'll keep calm and give them the space they need
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our small animal care service covers rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats, ferrets and degus as well as fish, exotic pets, caged birds and even chickens!

Before you book, we’ll arrange a meet & greet to talk through your requirements to ensure we stick to your pets usual routine.

We can visit your pet(s) as many times as you like, but usually we visit once or twice a day depending on your preference.

For most small animal care customers, one visit a day is fine, but if your pet requires medication or multiple feeds, then we can visit twice per day.

If you have an outdoor pet, such as chickens, who need locking up at night, we can let them out in the morning and ensure they’re safely back in at night. Whatever works for you.

Small animal care visits typically last about 30 minutes. When we visit we will put down fresh food and water, clean the pets living area thoroughly, give them lots of fuss and a groom if required.

We’ll also collect the post and do basic house plant watering if required as well as any additional requirements agreed upon at our initial meet & greet.

Of course! We will attempt to contact you on the last agreed date to ensure you will be returning on schedule.

We consider your pets our responsibility until we have had confirmation you are home. So unless we hear from you, we will continue to visit until we know you have returned safely from your trip.

Absolutely! We offer a 50% discount across all of our services for additional pets.

Additional pets must be permanent residents in the same household as the ‘main’ pet, and be legally owned by the same person to qualify for the discount.

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We'll come over to meet you and your pet. This is a great opportunity to make sure we're a good fit for you and your pet.

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You're all set!

Once the relevant paperwork has been filled out you can start taking advantage of our services right away!

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These tend to take less than an hour and give us a chance to get to know you and your furry friend. Should you wish to take up our services we can assist you in setting up your online account and you will be immediately covered by our insurance, meaning you can start taking advantage of our fantastic small animal care service right away!