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Why Dog Walking Is Important

Be honest – how often do you walk your dog?  Is it daily, a few times a week, every other week, a few times a month, or not at all?  It’s not always easy to motivate to take your dog for a walk, especially after a long day at work or if you keep a busy schedule.  However, dog walking is important for both your dog and yourself.

Walking your dog is an activity that takes time and energy, no doubt, but it offers immense benefits.

Below are 5 reasons why dog walking is important and why you should do it regularly:

  1. Dog Walking Promotes Health & Vitality

Like humans, dogs need regular exercise to live a long, healthy, and happy life.  Obesity puts you and your dog at a higher risk of health problems such as insulin sensitivity and osteoarthritis.  Dog walking helps put weight in check, it aids digestion and prevents constipation in dogs.  Taking your dog on regular walks helps your dog stay fit, agile and healthy.

  1. Dog Walking Combats Destructive Behavior

Does your dog bark, whine, chew, scratch, bite, or dig excessively?  Is he restless or does he misbehave around others?  Dogs are like children; if bored, they’ll certainly come up with something … and trust me, you may not like it.

Lack of exercise increases undesirable destructive behaviors in dogs.

Imagine how bored stiff you’d be without a good book, comfort food, or your favorite TV series.  You’d go crazy if cooped up all day at home.  Dogs need stimuli just like humans – they need to see, feel, smell and hear too!  A walk around the block to burn off excess energy and to sniff the neighbor’s grass will ebb destructive behaviors.

  1. Dog Walking Promotes Bonding

Getting to know your dog is crucial.  Just like any other relationship in our lives, the dog-human relationship thrives on investing valuable time into it.  Dog walking provides the perfect opportunity to bond with your dog.  Dogs like to explore and walking your dog is one of the best ways to get to know him better.  Find out how to make the walk count; always be prepared, utilize the opportunity to communicate with your dog and teach him good behaviors.

  1. Daily Dog Walks Address Attention-Seeking Behaviors

Dog walking allows your dog to receive desired attention and it burns off excess energy.  Healthy dogs that continuously bark or whine even if they’ve already eaten, quenched their thirst or gone potty may be seeking attention.  Whining and/or barking are ways they can communicate their need for attention.  Take this as a cry for more exercise and outdoor activity.  However, if this a new behavior and you haven’t been to the vet, you may want to schedule an appointment to make sure there isn’t an underlying health issue as the reason for the continuous barking or whining.

  1. Dog Walking Encourages Socialization

Another reason why dog walking is important is that it helps build trust and encourages socialization.  If your dog is timid or aggressive around company, consistent walking around the neighborhood will help him feel more comfy around other animals, strangers, and new sounds.

Have a really tight schedule with no time for regular walks?  No worries!  Professional dog walkers are an excellent option to give your dog the walk he deserves.  Your beloved dog should never go without a walk.  Dog walking benefits both pet parent and pet in more ways than one.

How often do you walk your dog?

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